Partnering for

your growth

Arlan’s world is constantly in motion… like many entrepreneurs, she’s juggling a million priorities and trying to have the most impact possible on any given day. That’s why getting financial support she could count on made all the difference in the world. With Revel in her corner, she could count on something way more important than compliance—she knew the team would bring a strategic lens to the work. From proactive tax planning to guidance about entity structures, Arlan had some real thought partners to work with in realizing her goals. Which let’s be honest… aren’t even close to done yet!

Why upgrade your

accounting support with Revel?

Because responsiveness matters. Believe it or not, the number one reason people leave their current accountant is that they’re slow to respond. So we take that seriously and use tools that allow us to track response times. We review our data each week to see how close we are to hitting a 48hr response time on all client inquiries, making sure you get the answers you need in a timely fashion.
Completely integrated support. From bookkeeping to tax planning and everything in between—you’ve got one team that knows your business personally and is invested in your growth. We use the latest tools and tech to create highly seamless workflows that save you time.
You’ve outgrown your current solution. Whether it’s the local CPA that doesn’t quite get your industry, or you’re still using your dad’s accountant… we hear all the time from folks who are ready to “level up” their support. They’re tired of being the ones bringing ideas to their accountant and want knowledgeable, professional, and proactive advisors.

Meeting you where you are,

growing as you grow.


This is our flagship product, and where it all started for Revel. This program provides a customized and comprehensive suite of services for businesses from $500k-$15M and their owners. We focus on laying the groundwork, building in your structure to scale, and eventually building your legacy (hence the name). Year-round support at one consistent monthly fee.


This is a newer line of service we’ve created for clients in the $100-500k range who still are looking for year-round support, but are willing to work with a fixed menu of services in order to benefit from some discounted pricing. We handle the books, the taxes, and even some basic reporting and planning. Click here to learn more, or here to book a call to discuss.


If you mostly need help with your taxes, we offer a tax-only option where we really focus the heart of working together on your tax prep. Other planning meetings are available a la carte. This is a great way to engage for businesses in the $0-100k range to give you the most value possible at this stage of growth.


Years ago Revel’s founder Martin Kamenski wrote the book on the world of business and taxes for creatives. Now he’s turned that amazing content into a self-paced mini-bootcamp that is a great resource for newer entrepreneurs looking to understand more about: choosing a business structure, how to save for taxes, what kinds of things to keep receipts for, how to track their income and expenses, and the most common myths about deductions.


Did you know Revel is about to launch a community for creative entrepreneurs to talk business, taxes, pricing, marketing, and anything else your hearts desire? Can’t wait to share this amazing resource with you!


“I appreciate the ease, the confidence that I’m being looked out for. And the close communication that feels both executive and personal… that will always win out.”

Arlan Hamilton

We want to hear from YOU

We know that in order to get where you are—you’re doing a lot of the right things. You’re already beating the odds just by being here. Making it as a business owner isn’t easy! And if you’re a woman, person of color, LGBTQ, immigrant, or any other underestimated group—well then you’re beating even more odds every day. We love that. And we’re here to help make it a little easier to reach your goals.

So what are you waiting for? The time to get the help you’re looking for is now. The time to invest in you and buy back some of your focus and attention is now. There’s no wrong time in the year to switch accountants and start getting the accurate and timely insights you need to reach that next level of success. We can’t wait to partner with you! Click below and let’s start that conversation!