Essential Guidance As You Grow

Thank you for your interest in Revel CPA! Please take a moment to watch this short video from our CEO, Martin Kamenski, featuring key recommendations for a business of your size. Interested in our Individual Tax Prep process? More information can be found at the bottom of the page!

This stage of growth from $100-$300k is so important in a business’s development. Often, it’s the point where you can’t do it alone and you start building out your team. Payroll, rising self-employment taxes, considerations about incorporating or even S-corp status… all these start to swirl around and leave you wondering if it’s time to “level up” your financial game. If you’re serious about growing your business, the answer is probably YES.

At this stage, we recommend clients start looking for simple outsourcing of basic bookkeeping functions. But you likely don’t need much more than that. We can still focus the majority of our work together on taxes and tax strategy, with the possibility of adding in a mid-year planning meeting. 

What are we recommending for you?


Now is the time (if you haven’t already) to get an honest-to-goodness accounting system, and Xero is the best small business option out there. It’s more user friendly and intuitive than its competitor, and more collaborative too. Click the link to get started! Once you do, you can invite Revel CPA as your advisor to share questions with as you’re keeping track of everything during the year.


If you need payroll for yourself or your team, Gusto takes an incredibly complicated and exhausting process and makes it… actually… kinda fun. Seriously. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to manage yourself and it’s worth 3X the money you’ll pay for it.

Hourly Consulting

If needed, you can always book an hour of time with one of our CPAs, and get strategic guidance about whether you’re in the right legal structure, or how best to pay for home office or other work-related expenses. Your questions will drive the agenda.

And then review our Individual and Business tax prep services because we’d love to engage with you around your taxes and help steer you in the right direction. We’re focused on this aspect of the relationship at this stage because we’re mindful of making the best use of your resources so we can keep plenty of money available to help you grow. And once you cross the $300k mark, we’ll be right there with a full slate of services to help you keep going.

Remember, if you have some specific questions to ask, you can always drop us a note at or chat with us right here on the website!

Tax Prep Pricing

Our fees are custom-tailored to be the right level of investment for your size, complexity, and needs. No stressful guesswork required! Interested in learning more about Revel’s transparent pricing model for Individual Tax Prep/ Business Tax Prep and what that means for you?

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