CFO Solutions

Add a higher level of support and guidance as your creative business grows. These services will provide you with the operational planning and strategy needed to help you realize your business vision.

Advisory Services

For organizations looking to accelerate their growth or increase the predictability of their operations, we offer results-oriented proactive consultation. Either monthly or quarterly, we will meet to discuss the trajectory you are on, the variables that are shifting in the months to come, and how this all impacts your expected results for the year.

Quarterly Tax Planning Meetings

In these meetings, we will review the activity of your business through that point in the year, and use it to model out the anticipated tax consequences for you and any other owners. The end result is arriving at “tax time” with far fewer surprises, as you’ll have been aware of the likely result all year long.

Business Year-End Tax Prep

We will prepare the necessary Form 1120, 1120S, or 1065 and state returns as needed for the business. All your year-end tax prep fees can be bundled into your monthly accounting costs to create a single, consistent expense for your financial function.

Individual Tax Prep for Owner

Avoid a big invoice in April by grouping your individual tax prep fees into the overall cost of your monthly accounting work. We’ll take care of preparing and e-filing all necessary federal and state returns for the calendar year you’ve paid for come the following tax season–no extra cost to you.

Foreign Entity Management

Through a partnership with local experts in the applicable country or countries, we will ensure compliance with all corporate and payroll filing obligations on your behalf. Fees are subject to quarterly review for currency fluctuations.