Controller Solutions

These services offered will provide you with peace of mind, knowing your transactions are being recorded accurately and promptly, your payroll and tax obligations are completely taken care of, and that you have insightful reporting to guide decision making.

Financial Dashboards

Far from the dry Profit and Loss statement that gets put in a pile “for later,” we’ll use Futrli to provide you with engaging, dynamic dashboards that do much more than layout revenues and expenses. You’ll track progress on key indicators, map operating cash flow, and watch your organization move step by step on its path of growth.

Cash Flow Forecasting

Forecasting isn’t about predicting the future–it’s about exercising the muscle you have as an entrepreneur for executing on a plan and knowing what to expect from that. The only way to improve that muscle is through regular exercise, and that’s just what we’ll do as your partners in cash flow forecasting! Each month we’ll review our base case, best case, and worst-case scenarios to give you an accurate picture of your estimated cash flow. We learn as we go, and get better each time.

Payroll Management

Let us take the concern of on-time payroll off your hands. We will ensure that your hourly and salaried employees are paid–accurately and on time–whatever your pay schedule might be. Using the time clock data provided to us, we’ll connect that data to your payroll system and review / approve each payroll according to your instructions.

Sales Tax Filing

We will utilize accounting records and sales reports to properly file all sales and use tax returns on time, for as many states as are required. You’ll experience complete management of the paperwork preparation and payment process.

1099 Filing

We will review all payments to contractors, prepare a summary report for your review, issue approved 1099s by mail to all contractors, and submit the required copies to the IRS. This service is paid for during the year payments are made, and the filings take place in Q1 of the following year.

Annual Report Filing

Any state in which you are incorporated or have requested authority to transact will require the filing of an annual report. We will prepare this report on your behalf, and retain a copy in your client files for your records.

Monthly Support Credits

Never again will you stop yourself from asking a question because you have to consider the hourly-rate invoice likely to follow… Build in an allowance of deeply discounted support credits that reflect the level of additional support you’re likely to take advantage of. Each credit is approximately 30 minutes of time. Credits are non-transferable to another month.

A/R Invoicing

We will process all outgoing invoices to your customers and clients, based on your instructions. Invoices will be delivered through electronic means only as we’re a paperless practice! Besides, nobody likes getting bills in the mail anyway. You’ll only be responsible for letting us know who needs to be invoiced and when which we’ll create a repeatable workflow to accommodate. 

A/P Bill Payment

We can process all your bill payments for you, via bank-issued check, Veem B2B direct payment, ACH transfer, or wire. Bills to pay must be submitted either by email, through Hubdoc, uploaded to Xero, or submitted via We’ll create a workflow that meets the needs and style of your team! You just call the shots on when bills get paid and we’ll take care of the rest!