One-Time Solutions

These services can be added to any proposal as needed: providing additional training for staff or managers, historical tax prep needed, or a complete design of the accounting systems that will support your creative business processes.

Training for Staff

Beyond your initial training during our Onboarding Meeting, we offer training for you or your staff on any of our systems. This includes both technology platforms as well as business processes that employees are expected to execute. With special care to meet people where they are and provide them learning experiences that keep them engaged, we’ll ensure that everybody is clear about what it takes to keep your financial machine humming.

Dashboard Setup Meeting

During this meeting, we’ll go deeper to understand the numbers that make your business tick and ensure that you have the most important information in front of you on your monthly dashboard. Be prepared with any existing metrics you track on a regular basis so we can review them and determine the ideal set of numbers to focus on for your business.

Cash Flow Forecasting Setup

During this meeting, we’ll review your recent trends and develop some assumptions to use for the beginnings of your forecasts. Be prepared with your existing financial statements and thoughts about where you think the key revenue lines and expenses are likely to go in the coming 12 months.

Historical Individual Tax Prep

If you require some returns to be prepared for previous years, we can take care of that for you right away to get you caught up and back on track.

Historical Business Tax Prep

We will prepare the necessary Form 1120, 1120S, or 1065 and state returns for a period prior to the current year. All your year-end tax prep fees can be bundled into your monthly accounting costs to create a single, consistent expense for your financial function.

Accounting Systems Design

We’ll take a complete end-to-end review of your business processes and design a set of accounting systems (both analog and digital) that support your workflow and create a seamless flow. This service includes: a one-hour scoping conversation, two hours of interviews and information gathering, two hours of design time, and a one-hour rollout meeting with you and your team.

Historical Accounting Records Clean-up

We can take your existing accounting records and true them up to a current and accurate state by reconciling all bank and credit card transactions and ensuring that they are categorized appropriately so you know exactly where you stand today.