Why are we a Xero house?

Ever since Xero first entered the US market, we’ve been big fans of their system—and for good reason. Not only does it make collaborating between clients and accountants a breeze, Xero is a company that just plain cares about design. And that’s something that matters to us, and we believe it matters to our clients! Attention to design means paying attention to details, to user experience, and it all adds up to a much better system than that Quick system everyone else is still using.

What are some of the key features?

  • One single, online ledger—no more packaging, or backing up, or sending files back and forth to your accountant… ever.

  • Unlimited users: invite everyone you need to have access—all with customizable access levels.

  • Cloud-hosted app, meaning instant product updates and automatic backup of all your data.

  • Reconciling is so 2010… Xero maintains accurate bank and credit card feeds so you’re never out of sync and you’re constantly reconciling as you go!

  • Mobile friendly: with a focus on mobile apps and usability, Xero makes it easy to sit back, have some wine, and categorize your expenses from your couch.

  • We’re a Champion Xero Partner Firm, and our CPAs are Certified Xero Advisors, meaning we can guide you to setting up the right way and save you time and money down the road.

We pair the ease of Xero with our custom-tailored accounting packages, giving you the info you need to make the right decisions with less stress.