Choosing an accountant is a lot like choosing a new business partner. The right accountant will become a trusted part of your team, a mentor you can depend on, someone who offers advice and guidance as you scale your business.

It can feel pretty intense, right?

With the future success of your business relying on you making the right decision for your business, it’s important to know what to look out for as you begin your search, and we’re here to help!

Whether you are looking to find a new accountant or are hiring one for the first time, these questions will put you on the right track. Here are the top 10 questions to consider as you begin searching for an accountant:

Top 10 Questions You Need To Ask When Searching For An Accountant:

  1. Do they have expertise in your industry that can lead to insights about how to run your business better?

  2. Are they licensed as Certified Public Accountants (and subject to all the continuing education and ethics requirements) or an unlicensed accountant?

  3. Are they prepared to explain to you the full cost of every accounting service your business needs throughout the year?

  4. What options do they have to offer you support/meetings throughout the year? Will every meeting or phone call cost you hourly fees?

  5. Do they bring any other non-financial skills or expertise to the relationship?

  6. Will they offer you automatic recurring billing? Or are they just creating one more bill for you to keep track of and pay each month?

  7. Do they provide a wide range of services under one roof, or are they just focused on bookkeeping?

  8. Are they tech-savvy? Are they using the latest tools that reduce the time you (or they) spend on busy work? (You don’t want it, and they’ll want you to be paid for it!)

  9. Are they forward-looking? Interested in your goals and growth? Or just telling you what happened in the past?

  10. And last, and most importantly, are they people you genuinely like and respect? Could you see yourself getting along well with them? Do you have shared values?

Download the full checklist below!

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