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From time to time folks will approach us because they’ve heard about Revel through a friend or a recommendation request, and they’re wondering… am I the kind of business Revel works with? Is this going to be a good fit? 💭

Revel exists to serve clients in the “creative and entertainment industries,” but what does that even mean? Is that more like a restaurant or a recording studio? A makeup artist or an author?

Trick question, it’s all of the above and more!

So let’s approach this question of who a Revel Creative tends to be from a few different angles – Industry, Size, and Mindset.


While there’s no overall “industry list” that we work with exclusively, over the last 15 years we’ve helped clients who are:

  • Personalities (speakers, authors, content creators, influencers)

  • Web development firms

  • Software development shops

  • Marketing and branding agencies

  • Investors

  • Artists (in many different media)

  • Musicians and DJs

  • Film production companies

  • Videography studios

  • Photography studios

  • Restaurants and cafes

  • Individual actors needing loan-out companies

  • Design consultancies

  • Makeup artists

  • Models

  • And many more… 

What many of these folks have in common is that they didn’t go to business school spending hours learning how to break down a cash flow statement. They often got where they are by being really good at making or doing a thing. And then suddenly they found themselves running a business making or doing that thing. Then came more employees, more taxes, more complexity, and it became time to reach out for some help.

We have experience not only working with these industries but also with the sorts of folks who own these kinds of businesses. Our industry expertise comes into play in helping you

  1. take advantage of all the deductions they can that might be specific to the sort of work you do, and

  2. helping you understand some of the nuances of how businesses in your industry operate.

This includes sharing best practices and providing insight and suggestions. Plus, knowing where you’re coming from means we understand the things that might not be your strengths–or even worse, might give you a little anxiety. We happen to be really good at breaking things down and explaining them to you in a way that helps you relax. Really. It’s kinda our thing. 😏


Revel clients run a pretty broad range of sizes, from smaller one-person solopreneurs earning $50k annually to companies doing $5-10M with dozens of employees. We tailor the services we can provide to you based on your needs and a budget that’s sensible to devote to holding down your financial function, which tends to be about 2-4% of your overall revenue.

If we had to pick a sweet spot, business owners in the $500k-$5M annual revenue range are the ones who will see and feel the most immediate and significant benefits. Making that climb to $1M and beyond requires growing past you (the owner) and what you can produce. It’s about building a team, creating systems and processes, clarifying goals, and tracking progress against key indicators.


Here’s where we can start to draw distinctions between clients that are theoretically good for Revel with the ones who absolutely LOVE working with us. It often comes down to the mindset of the owner and a few key traits that will yield a relationship that’s fruitful for the long haul.

  • Values Aligned. These clients find shared values with Revel and that deepens the relationship far beyond the transactional. We want to see the same kind of change in the world. We understand the same systems of oppression at work and the opportunities that exist in using business for good.

  • Technologically Fluid. When we create seamlessly integrated systems for our clients, it can often result in using several different apps to manage accounting, payroll, receipts, etc. The clients that love working with us are usually comfortable with switching between a few different tools and like that we are deep experts in a fixed set of tools.

  • Growth-Oriented. These business owners are going places! You have big goals on the horizon and want help tracking your progress toward making them happen. Business or personal. Financial or non-monetary. We love seeing progress in all these dimensions, and it’s one of the biggest predictors of Revel clients placing tremendous value on our services. If you’re looking to grow and scale, we want to partner in your growth with you.

Does this sound like you?

Send us an email to schedule a free introductory call where we’ll get to know more about your specific needs and see if we could be a good fit! There’s very little to lose (30 mins of your time) and potentially a LOT to gain.

And remember: Accounting doesn’t have to be hard. Financials don’t have to be boring. Numbers don’t have to be meaningless. It’s time to level up your financial support. Let’s make it happen together!

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