You’ve got something unique. The W2, 9-5 life has never been your style, so you’re striving to transform your creative passion into a business. But let’s face it: nobody prepared you for this. You don’t know where to start, and your Google search results just aren’t cutting it. Neither are the Instagram Lives, the TikToks on your FYP, or the Reddit forums you spend hours scrolling through.

Generic advice for generic entrepreneurs isn’t enough.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find some sort of all-inclusive, in-depth, genuinely engaging crash course on starting a creative business, that gave you all the tools and education of an MBA without the years of studying and the hefty price tag of a masters degree?

I think you know where we’re going with this . . .

(drumroll please)

🥁 🥁 🥁🥁 🥁 🥁🥁 🥁 🥁🥁 🥁 🥁🥁 🥁 🥁

Introducing Minding Your Business, a 6-part Creative Business Bootcamp that breaks down the tips, tricks, and tools you need to start and scale the successful creative business of your dreams. We’ve packed over $6k of value into this self-paced, Masterclass-style course to help to kick your entrepreneurial journey into gear.

Your path hasn’t been a traditional one, so traditional business courses can’t offer everything you need. They don’t have the unique expertise, understanding, and insight into the creative industry that you’re looking for:

You want the answers to questions that have been keeping you up at night.

In conversations with our clients from all different fields—agencies, designers, branding consultants, writers, influencers and more—most of them don’t have four years of business school behind them. No detailed classes about understanding financial statements or lectures on the various business structures and which makes the most sense in different situations.

When they started building their creative passion into a business, it felt like they were starting from scratch, and they were left losing sleep over the same questions you’re struggling with now, like:


Minding Your Business starts from the beginning. There’s no expectation of previous entrepreneurial experience, so we’re covering a range of topics like:

  • What it means to adopt the “business owner mindset” and why that’s the most important place to start

  • How to start thinking about protecting your brand and intellectual property

  • The top 5 contract fails and how to avoid them

  • Detailed walkthroughs of the 7 major business structures and worksheets that guide you through which make the most sense for your business

  • What you need to keep track of in your businesses and the systems we recommend for doing that

  • Business taxes, personal taxes, sales taxes, other taxes, and approachable explanations of which apply to your situation and when they’re coming

  • Busting through typical myths around what you can or can’t write off (and why so many other CPAs and accountants out there are giving creatives bad advice about this and costing you money)

  • The power of recurring and passive revenue and how to brainstorm 3-5 new revenue streams in a day

  • How to determine your hourly rate and feel confident asking for it

  • Top business tasks begging for automation or outsourcing

  • Biggest new-owner time-wasters

  • And a business model worksheet that turns all other business models on their heads

Yes, ALL of that. We’ve broken the content down into bite-sized chunks with video explanations that—we promise—are actually engaging. Plus, the course is entirely self-paced and includes worksheets, free templates, tools, and handouts.



You want a teacher who knows the unique challenges of the creative industry.

With two musical parents and a love of theater that started in high school, creativity has always been in Martin’s blood. He’s spent the last 15+ years helping creative professionals get their businesses up and running in every creative field imaginable and in 2019, he set up Revel CPA with the sole focus of supporting creative entrepreneurs.

Following your passion has already gotten you this far. Now it’s time to see what you’re truly capable of. Don’t let another month go by without getting the guidance you need. Mistakes are always costlier to fix down the road compared to investing in getting it right the first time.

It’s time to take your passion seriously. It’s time to combine creative fulfillment and entrepreneurial success.

It’s time to start Minding Your Business!

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