At the very core of a financially healthy business is excellent bookkeeping. What doesn’t get tracked can’t be improved or properly reported (during tax time for example). That’s why, as a creative entrepreneur, it’s extremely important to build a solid financial foundation right from the start. 

Thanks to technology, there’s many ways to handle your business finances these days. At Revel, we love one bit of software in particular. Xero. In fact, it’s the only accounting software we’ll use with our clients. So, why Xero?

It runs in the cloud 

Since Xero is cloud-based, it makes collaborating with our clients easy and efficient. It means busy creatives can check in on their financial data, any time, and feel confident it’s safe because it backs up automatically. All product updates are taken care of for you too!

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Fast reconciliation

Xero is great at synching bank and credit card transactions with your bank feeds. What does that mean for you? Your finances stay up to date as you categorize and reconcile in real-time. You can even reconcile from your phone with Xero’s mobile app.

Receipt management with Hubdoc

Say goodbye to cluttered shoeboxes full of receipts. Xero accounts come with Hubdoc, a data management tool that allows you to capture info and send it to Xero without manual entry. Simply snap a photo of a physical receipt or email digital files to Hubdoc for safe storage and audit-proof financials.

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Thoughtful design

When you take a look at the user-interface, it’s clear Xero really cares about the aesthetics and functionality of their software. That’s important to us because we feel like it matters to our clients too. If an application is hard to navigate or increases the likelihood of errors, it diminishes the value it provides you as a business owner. Let’s face it, what’s difficult to use won’t get used; the opposite of what you need as a busy business owner..

Our gratitude

Xero allows us to efficiently provide our clients with a solid financial foundation. It’s why we’re so enthusiastically team Xero (and a Champion Xero Partner Firm). Not only is their software brilliant, we’re also thankful Xero provided the opportunity for us to all meet in person at their annual conference this summer.

Revel is a remote firm with staff in various states. It was great to do some team bonding while we learned about the latest Xero updates (all in the beautiful city of New Orleans). We came back recharged and inspired to continue helping creative entrepreneurs live out their dreams.


We truly appreciate the ability to serve our amazing clients and guide them towards sustainable growth. As Certified Xero Advisors, we can guide you through the Xero set up process, setting you on the right accounting path for your creative business. So, what do you say? Comment below if you’d like to give Xero a try!

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