The era of AI

Stepping into the era of artificial intelligence, the realms of creativity and technology are blending in ways we never anticipated. From the soundwaves of our favorite musicians to the pixels on a digital canvas, the AI revolution has thrust us into uncharted territories, leaving us with more questions than answers. Yet, amidst this whirlwind, one truth remains: the essence of raw creativity stands unshaken.

Is this new form of AI play just this generation’s version of DJing? 

The music industry is grappling with questions about ownership, royalties, licensure… When an AI system soaks up all the audio recordings of an artist and then produces a new song with their voice, who owns that song? The artist whose voice they’re using? The songwriter? Both? What if they produce a song with one artist’s voice and use the melody and lyrics of another musician? Who owns that new track? These aren’t futuristic scenarios… these are things already taking place every day now online. And the music industry legal community is reeling trying to keep up with these types of questions. 

And we as a society will have to answer questions for ourselves that drive what we think is acceptable. It wasn’t that long ago that the first DJs were taking other people’s recordings, sampling them, mixing them up, and creating “new” music using those elements. Is this new form of AI play just this generation’s version of DJing? 

Other industries are equally impacted:

  • Graphic designers being challenged by AI image creation tools
  • Writers being challenged by AI writing tools
  • Social media managers challenged by AI content creation calendars, etc

The power of raw creativity

Yet in our opinion, there’s one really magical thing that will never be challenged by these tools… raw creativity.

Think about it… the best natural language types of tools like Chat GPT are fed enormous amounts of existing content. It can do a fantastic job of summing that up and creating responses that draw on that previous language. But it can’t really think outside that box. Literally. And same with visual, musical, and other creative elements. Can these tools interpolate and even sometimes extrapolate based on some inputs? Yes. But can they completely create something new, unthought of before? Not as of today. 

And that’s the creative entrepreneur’s true asset right now. While AI may be able to come up with some headlines for a blog post, it’ll never be as truly creative as a seasoned copywriter. And the more that creative entrepreneurs can learn to leverage tools where appropriate, and then highlight their raw creativity as the main value they provide–their future will be bright for years to come.

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raw creativity vs Ai

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