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What does the IRS count as taxable content creator income?

Taxable Income for Content Creators

There are so many avenues of income available to influencers and online creators these days and we only expect that list to grow. On the one hand, it’s cool because it means you’ll never be entirely dependent on one line of income. If one drops out, you’ve got other methods you can turn to. But […]

What can I write off as a foodie influencer?

Foodie Influencer Tax Write Off Tips

  [5 min. read]   Firstly, genius move making this your career. We’re diehard foodies at Revel and if we didn’t love what we do, we’d be right there with you. Instead, we’re the accountants for creatives, digital creators, and influencers and recently the most popular question we’ve been getting is: “what can I write […]