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Why am I still paying penalties even though I filed an extension?

Income Tax Penalties

Filing your taxes on time is important, but it’s not always easy. If you’re a creative business owner, you may have a lot of different income sources and deductions to keep track of. It’s no wonder that many creative business owners end up filing extensions and/or paying tax penalties. In this blog post, we’ll review […]

Understanding Your Business Worth: A Creative Entrepreneur’s Guide

Business Worth

  Ever wondered, “How much is my business worth?”   Well, you’re not alone. Whether you’re simply curious or thinking about selling your business, it’s a question that can leave even the most seasoned entrepreneurs scratching their heads.  But don’t worry! We’ve got your back. Here’s a breakdown of three common valuation methods to help […]

Your Business, Your Legacy: The Impact of Creative Entrepreneurship on Generational Wealth

Generational Wealth

Crafting Generational Wealth –Your Way As a creative entrepreneur, you’re not just building a business; you’re crafting a legacy that could benefit generations to come. Generational wealth can impact SO MANY things about a family’s lived experience–from education to healthcare outcomes to general economic stability. Your creative business can be a stepping stone to narrow […]

Creative Entrepreneurship and AI

raw creativity vs Ai

The era of AI Stepping into the era of artificial intelligence, the realms of creativity and technology are blending in ways we never anticipated. From the soundwaves of our favorite musicians to the pixels on a digital canvas, the AI revolution has thrust us into uncharted territories, leaving us with more questions than answers. Yet, […]

So I filed a tax extension with Revel, What’s Next?

Tax extensions

Tax Deadlines are quickly approaching, are you ready? Filing a tax extension back in March or April was certainly a move that bought you a little more time to gather your tax docs together. But as the weeks and months of summer tick by, we’re finding the extension deadlines rapidly approaching on the horizon, which […]

Creating Cashflow During the SAG/AFTRA Strike

Generate Income

10 ways actors can generate income during challenging times For actors, the idea of a union strike can be daunting—bringing with it the temporary halt in their regular income and career momentum. However, with a bit of resourcefulness and creativity, there are several avenues actors can explore to generate income and stay engaged with their […]

Can someone just explain what profit exactly is?

Boost Business Profit

(Read Time: 7 mins) Here’s a simple explanation of what “profit” means (and two ways to increase it.) Right, we’re covering this one for two reasons.  Firstly, we hate it when clients feel uncomfortable asking us a question they think they should know the answer to. Terms like revenue, profit and bottom line all come […]

We have a “no BS” attitude when it comes to your taxes. Here’s why. 

Taxes done right

Let’s get straight to it. A sketchy CPA who “finds all the loopholes” is the last thing you want. When it comes to creative business owners, people often think their CPA will get creative with their tax return too. Well, we just can’t do that. We have a “no BS” attitude when it comes to […]

I’m transitioning my accounting to Revel. What’s it like?

Switching to Revel

  We’re glad you asked. Hey, switching to a new accountant is a big thing. We know you’ve got a busy schedule. You’re putting your talents and long hours into building an empire and change just ain’t easy.  Let’s look at what to expect when you move your accounting to us. We start new clients […]

What does the IRS count as taxable content creator income?

Taxable Income for Content Creators

There are so many avenues of income available to influencers and online creators these days and we only expect that list to grow. On the one hand, it’s cool because it means you’ll never be entirely dependent on one line of income. If one drops out, you’ve got other methods you can turn to. But […]