10 ways actors can generate income during challenging times

For actors, the idea of a union strike can be daunting—bringing with it the temporary halt in their regular income and career momentum. However, with a bit of resourcefulness and creativity, there are several avenues actors can explore to generate income and stay engaged with their craft during these challenging times. In this blog post, we’ll explore various strategies actors can consider to make money while their union is on strike.


1.  Online Acting Workshops and Classes


During a strike, actors can leverage their expertise and offer online acting workshops and classes. With the rise of virtual learning platforms, there is a growing demand for online courses covering acting techniques, audition preparation, voice training, and more. This not only provides actors with a source of income but also allows them to connect with aspiring actors and share their knowledge.


2.  Voice Acting and Dubbing


Voice-over work can be a lucrative avenue during union strikes. Actors can explore opportunities in dubbing for foreign films, commercials, video games, and animations. Voice-over work often requires a different set of skills and can open up doors to a new audience and industry contacts. Bonus that it can be done from virtually anywhere.


3.   Freelance Writing and Content Creation


Many actors possess strong writing skills that can be put to good use. They can explore freelance writing opportunities for entertainment blogs, websites, and magazines. Creating content related to the entertainment industry will allow them to stay engaged with their passion while earning money from their writing abilities.


4.   Remote Acting Gigs


Thanks to technology, actors can audition and perform remotely for various projects. This includes virtual theater performances, online commercials, web series, and voice-over projects. While remote work may not completely replace the income from traditional acting roles, it can provide a valuable income stream during strike periods.


5.   Personalized Video Messages


Actors can join platforms that allow them to send personalized video messages to fans for special occasions. Fans often cherish personalized greetings from their favorite actors, and this can be a fun and rewarding way for actors to connect with their audience while earning some income. Check out Cameo and other such platforms.


6.  Temporary Non-Acting Jobs


While not directly related to acting, taking up temporary non-acting jobs can provide financial stability during a strike. These jobs can range from retail and hospitality to remote customer service roles. While they may not be as creatively fulfilling, they can help bridge the income gap until the strike ends.


7.  Monetizing Social Media


Actors can leverage their social media presence to earn money through sponsored posts, brand collaborations, and affiliate marketing. By partnering with relevant brands and products, actors can turn their online platforms into a source of income while keeping their audience engaged.


8.  Producing Independent Projects


A strike can be an ideal time for actors to explore their creative side by producing their own independent projects. This could include short films, web series, podcasts, or even writing and producing their own play. While this may require some initial investment, it can lead to long-term opportunities and creative satisfaction.


9.  Audio Projects and Podcasting


With the increasing popularity of podcasts, actors can explore opportunities to lend their voices to audio dramas, podcasts, and audiobook narrations. This not only provides a platform for actors to showcase their vocal skills but also offers a steady income stream.


10.  Renegotiating Renewals


Saving the best for last… Any projects that actors have done (especially those that also do some modeling) may have terms with usage rights of time-based licenses. This down time is a perfect chance for them to reach out to their agents, managers, or attorneys to explore if there is any usage that needs to be renewed or renegotiated. This is literally free money sitting on the table. Just takes a little leg work. 


While a strike can present challenges for actors, it’s important to remember that there are so many creative ways to generate income and remain engaged with the acting world. By exploring these options (and others we haven’t even thought of), actors can not only maintain their financial stability but also continue to pursue their passion and grow their careers, even in the face of this adversity. The key is to stay open-minded, adaptable, and willing to explore new avenues within and beyond the traditional realm of acting.

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