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Top 10 Reasons to Work with Revel CPA—Your Creative Business Ally

At Revel, we’ve created a space where creative entrepreneurs can breathe easy and let their creativity flow freely. We understand the unique challenges faced by creative businesses and have developed a holistic approach that prioritizes your goals and dreams. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Revel CPA as your trusted advisor:   Personalized […]

Why am I still paying penalties even though I filed an extension?

Income Tax Penalties

Filing your taxes on time is important, but it’s not always easy. If you’re a creative business owner, you may have a lot of different income sources and deductions to keep track of. It’s no wonder that many creative business owners end up filing extensions and/or paying tax penalties. In this blog post, we’ll review […]

So I filed a tax extension with Revel, What’s Next?

Tax extensions

Tax Deadlines are quickly approaching, are you ready? Filing a tax extension back in March or April was certainly a move that bought you a little more time to gather your tax docs together. But as the weeks and months of summer tick by, we’re finding the extension deadlines rapidly approaching on the horizon, which […]

What does the IRS count as taxable content creator income?

Taxable Income for Content Creators

There are so many avenues of income available to influencers and online creators these days and we only expect that list to grow. On the one hand, it’s cool because it means you’ll never be entirely dependent on one line of income. If one drops out, you’ve got other methods you can turn to. But […]

What can I write off as a foodie influencer?

Foodie Influencer Tax Write Off Tips

  [5 min. read]   Firstly, genius move making this your career. We’re diehard foodies at Revel and if we didn’t love what we do, we’d be right there with you. Instead, we’re the accountants for creatives, digital creators, and influencers and recently the most popular question we’ve been getting is: “what can I write […]

I’m a social media influencer. What can I write off as an expense to my business?

  As a content creator or social media influencer, you’re living in the wild west when it comes to tax deductions. It’s more important for you than the typical business owner to be specific and have reasoning behind your write-offs. There is no one comprehensive list of all possible deductions—it’s a conceptual framework. But when […]

How can I save on tax with charitable donation bunching?

charitable donations

The IRS has two approaches to general income tax deductions: the standard deduction or itemized deductions. The standard deduction is a set amount deducted from your income before you’re taxed. It’s sort of the ‘hassle-free’ option when it comes to your return. Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 increased the standard […]

Does becoming an S Corp make sense for my business?

s corp

Somewhere along your entrepreneurial journey you may have asked yourself the question: does becoming an S Corp make sense for my creative business? Oftentimes, electing to become an S Corp is sold as a clever way to save on taxes and who doesn’t want to save on taxes? This aspect alone can make being an […]

How do I plan for taxes as a content creator or influencer?

influencer tax planning

You probably thought the most difficult part of becoming a content creator was going to be generating enough quality content to keep your audience engaged and growing.  Then you thought about taxes. There’s so little information out there about how to plan for the taxes that go along with being a content creator or influencer–and […]