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I can’t pay my full tax balance right now. What do I do?

“My business had a much better year than I was expecting and the quarterly estimated payments I sent in weren’t even close to covering what I owe the IRS.” “I just got into the freelance/self-employed/independent contractor world and was introduced to self-employment tax.” Are you in a position where you’re unable to pay your full […]

Should My Spouse and I File Taxes Jointly or Separately?

“I make more money than my spouse, should we file separately?” “My partner is still paying back student loans, so we have to file separately to keep their income down, right?” We hear it all the time… Thankfully, when most people come to us asking about the benefits of Married Filing Jointly (MFJ) status vs […]

Filing your tax return (manually) on paper? Don’t miss this!

E-filing tax returns are the norm by far; 90% of tax returns are electronically filed these days and the number keeps climbing. But with close to 100 million returns processed each year, that’s still close to 10 million returns that will be placed in an envelope, carefully addressed, and dropped off to get sent through […]

Top Mistakes from DIY-ing Your Accounting and Taxes (and the price you’re paying for it…)

I had to take a deep breath before writing this post. It can be the kind of self-serving nonsense that’s out there clogging up the internet. And let’s face it, as a CPA firm, we’re far from unbiased in this conversation. But there’s one really compelling reason to share this content with you, and it’s […]