We’re glad you asked. Hey, switching to a new accountant is a big thing. We know you’ve got a busy schedule. You’re putting your talents and long hours into building an empire and change just ain’t easy. 

Let’s look at what to expect when you move your accounting to us.

We start new clients at the top of the month.

It doesn’t matter which month it is, we always align our services to the beginning of the month. Now, while the accounting officially starts at the beginning of a month, you can expect your onboarding to start a bit sooner.

Onboarding starts two weeks before your first month with us.

This is to get all the necessary information to hit the ground running when the month begins. We need to make sure we have access to all your accounting files, records, and systems.

During this onboarding phase, we’ll ask you to fill out some background questionnaires that give us a lay of the land. And we don’t send anything on paper. Instead, it’s all easy to fill out on your phone or computer. 

A few more details and we’re good to go.

Next you’ll get a list of key documents you’ll need to share with us. If it’s easier, we can connect with your previous accountant and request access. We send you a pre-written authorization form, which you just need to sign, and then they’ll send us the documents. Or if you have the documents yourself, we’ll provide access to a secure fileshare that you can easily upload to. 

Time to rock and roll.

Now comes the exciting bit. Once we’ve got that info, we give you access to the software and make sure you’ve got all the tools and apps we’ll be using. We start migrations from your old platforms to any new ones. Plus, we give you tech training if you need it, so you feel totally comfortable getting hands-on with these systems. Lastly, we’ll share our expectations with you–clearly and in writing. We don’t want any surprises and want to make sure you know exactly how best to work with us and what you can expect of us too.

We check in for the first couple of weeks after you start, making sure onboarding went well and seeing if you have any questions. From there on out, we’re all set up and ready to go. See switching to a new accountant, to Revel is pretty simple. 

Ready to switch to an accountant who really gets you?

Who runs the world? Creatives. If you’re a content creator putting the hours into a business built on doing what you love, you’ve got major respect from us. You deserve a CPA who speaks your language. 

Check out The Revel Way to see how we put in place an accounting plan that keeps you fired up about your work and gives you more time to do what you do best.


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