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Buying Black this Black Friday

Small business owners need your support. These are the makers and doers who live in our neighborhood. Our kids go to school together. And there’s a good chance that they’ve had an exceptionally hard year. Black-owned businesses can especially use your support. At one point during the COVID-19 pandemic, Black-owned businesses were twice as likely […]

COVID-19 Relief with Martin (online course)

There is so much information out there about COVID-19 that it can be daunting trying to figure out where to begin. Are the moves you’re making are the absolute best for you and your business? Are you looking for clarity on EIDL or PPP loan forgiveness? We’ve put together a FREE course covering the various […]

Who do I turn to when times are tough? 3 ways your CPA can (and should) support you.

If the 2020 year taught business owners anything, it’s that many were drastically unprepared for the unexpected. As Wolfgang Schaefer, owner of Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern put it, “We were about to have our best year yet. Everything was planned for around that huge year. And there was NO contingency plan. None.” When things are […]

How much of my PPP will be forgiven?

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There’s new recent guidance that’s come out about the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) from the SBA. The PPP loan forgiveness provisions are pretty complicated, and if you want to dig into the specifics of what applies to your business, we highly recommend you review this guidance in detail. (Note: guidance as of 5/22/2020) If you’re […]

How do you get through to the IRS right now?

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In 15 years in this profession, I’ve seen the phone lines at the IRS go down a few times. Usually it’s the result of a congressional budget debate that’s caused the federal government to shut down temporarily. But I can’t remember a single time yet where the practitioner priority line (the line that CPAs and […]

EIDL Loan Terms: Having just signed my docs, here’s what to know (updated 3/21/21)

UPDATE 3/21/2021 It’s now coming up on a year from the initial posting where we shared our experience of applying for the EIDL and now we’re nearing the time where many of you are starting to think about repayment. maybe you applied for the funds not knowing how last year was going to turn out […]

Resources for Businesses in the wake of Coronavirus / Covid-19

We’re hoping to provide information and resources to our clients and extended family as information comes to light. This is a rapidly changing environment, with new programs and policies emerging daily, so we’ll do our best to keep this as up to date as possible. If you have additional information or updates to share, please […]