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Top Mistakes from DIY-ing Your Accounting and Taxes (and the price you’re paying for it…)

I had to take a deep breath before writing this post. It can be the kind of self-serving nonsense that’s out there clogging up the internet. And let’s face it, as a CPA firm, we’re far from unbiased in this conversation. But there’s one really compelling reason to share this content with you, and it’s […]

Getting the Right Accounting Solution for a Business Your Size

Have you been told by your lawyer or financial advisor that you need to start working with an accountant? Or maybe your friend who owns a business said her accountant recommended setting up as an LLC or an S-Corp and now you’re wondering if you should too. Whatever the reason is, businesses of all sizes […]

What’s Keeping You From Scaling Your Creative Business?

Scaling any business is challenging. Just look at the volume of business books and blogs written on the topic. But if scaling any business is hard, then scaling creative businesses is like training for a triathlon and getting a Ph.D. all at once. Service-based businesses like yours are generally in the business of trading dollars […]

Resources for Businesses in the wake of Coronavirus / Covid-19

We’re hoping to provide information and resources to our clients and extended family as information comes to light. This is a rapidly changing environment, with new programs and policies emerging daily, so we’ll do our best to keep this as up to date as possible. If you have additional information or updates to share, please […]