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How to improve business systems for your creative practice 

It’s common for creative business owners to neglect fine-tuning their business systems. You may even worry that too many processes could stifle your creativity, or destroy the excitement of finding innovative solutions for each problem and project. But, in fact, having weak or no systems at all is taking valuable hours away from more important […]

Is my relationship with money affecting my business?

Understanding your relationship with money is important for you personally, but also for your business. You may be overcoming a real, deep, entrenched fear of money right now. Perhaps it’s stemming from the trauma of being a kid or a young adult dealing with bills that could never get paid, a steady stream of collections […]

Should I hire an employee in another state?

Whether we’re in the midst of a global pandemic or not, you’ve probably been thinking about creating a more flexible work environment. In fact, there are a LOT of reasons to consider remote employees–and we would know! Revel is a virtual practice and our team works from remote locations across the country. What benefits does […]

How to Minimize Tech Stack Disruptions to Your Clients and Your Firm

We’ve all been there… Someone who’s been on the team less than a year is sitting in a meeting and pipes up, “Hey, I just read that Toolio is sunsetting their sprockets solution. Do we have a transition plan?” Great. We’ve been using this platform for ages, and clients and our team are comfortable with […]

Who do I turn to when times are tough? 3 ways your CPA can (and should) support you.

If the 2020 year taught business owners anything, it’s that many were drastically unprepared for the unexpected. As Wolfgang Schaefer, owner of Uncle Wolfie’s Breakfast Tavern put it, “We were about to have our best year yet. Everything was planned for around that huge year. And there was NO contingency plan. None.” When things are […]

I can’t pay my full tax balance right now. What do I do?

“My business had a much better year than I was expecting and the quarterly estimated payments I sent in weren’t even close to covering what I owe the IRS.” “I just got into the freelance/self-employed/independent contractor world and was introduced to self-employment tax.” Are you in a position where you’re unable to pay your full […]

Who is a “Revel Creative”?

From time to time folks will approach us because they’ve heard about Revel through a friend or a recommendation request, and they’re wondering… am I the kind of business Revel works with? Is this going to be a good fit? 💭 Revel exists to serve clients in the “creative and entertainment industries,” but what does […]

How do I find the right accountant for me? 10 questions you need to ask!

Choosing an accountant is a lot like choosing a new business partner. The right accountant will become a trusted part of your team, a mentor you can depend on, someone who offers advice and guidance as you scale your business. It can feel pretty intense, right? With the future success of your business relying on […]